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When you need speedy refrigerant leak repair done right in Clemmons, NC, Automated Comfort Systems is the one company to call. We’re prompt, reliable, thorough, and transparent in our prices. We’re sure you’ll be thrilled when you feel cool air coming out of your air conditioning vents again.

Your air conditioner’s refrigerant lines should be a closed system. Unless there is a leak or something went wrong with the installation process, there should always be enough refrigerant in your air conditioner. A lack of refrigerant can cause serious damage, but our team is here to prevent and repair air conditioner issues. 

Is My Refrigerant Leaking?

Refrigerant leaks can gradually develop over time. Many of the signs of a refrigerant leak can resemble other air conditioning problems. If you’re not sure whether you need refrigerant leak repair, review this handy checklist of Freon leak symptoms.

A professional air conditioning technician will be able to determine whether your problems are due to a refrigerant leak. When you call Automated Comfort Systems, you will get a clear upfront quote for refrigerant leak repair and refrigerant top-ups. 

Protecting You From a Freon Leak in Clemmons, NC

The refrigerant in an air conditioning system carries heat from the inside of your house to the outside, keeping the rooms of your house cool. Refrigerants like Freon turn into gas as they heat up inside your home and the compressor turns it into a liquid in the outside air conditioning unit, causing it to release heat into the outside air.

When refrigerant leaks from either the air conditioning coils or the piping in the refrigerant lines, the air conditioner gradually loses the ability to transfer heat. The refrigerant in the evaporator coils expands too fast, causing the coils to expand.

Some types of refrigerant, including Freon, are bad for the environment and toxic to people or animals who breathe in the fumes. For that reason, it is not a good idea to repair an air conditioner leaking Freon yourself. Have a professional technician from Automated Comfort Systems inspect your air conditioner and fix the problem. 

Some of our customers ask, “Does Freon leak when the AC is off?” Freon is a liquid or a gas when it is inside your air conditioning system, which allows it to easily escape a refrigerant line or one of the air conditioner coils, even from a small leak. The air conditioner does not have to be running for the Freon to get out.

Dealing With Refrigerant Leaks in Clemmons, NC

One of the best tools we have against refrigerant leaks in Clemmons, NC, is preventative maintenance. If your filter is clean and the air conditioner coils have good airflow, your air conditioner will be less likely to develop leaks. When leaks do occur, your repair technician will typically replace the damaged section of pipe or AC coil. If the leak is small, the technician might be able to fix the problem temporarily by topping off the refrigerant instead of doing a refrigerant leak repair, but this is a stopgap measure.

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Automated Comfort Systems Will Take Care of Your AC Freon Leak

Automated Comfort Systems is the leading air conditioning repair company in Clemmons, NC. We provide residential, commercial, and emergency repair services, including refrigerant leak repair. Call our office at 336-248-4316 to book an appointment. Ask us about discounts and financing options.

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