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Is your air conditioner behaving strangely? Has its performance declined recently to the point where you no longer feel comfortable in your own home? A faulty thermostat can cause many different problems for your heating and cooling system, including:

Without professional repair service, distinguishing thermostat problems from other air conditioning problems can be difficult. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a new air conditioner or replacement parts in Clemmons, NC, without talking to the thermostat repair experts at Automated Comfort Systems first.

Can Thermostat Repair Solve Your Air Conditioning Problems in Clemmons, NC?

Many common air conditioning problems cause similar symptoms: inefficient cooling, increased energy usage, warm air coming out of the air conditioning vents, or the air conditioner failing to turn on. When these problems occur, many homeowners wonder if there is a serious problem with their air conditioner, such as a damaged air conditioner coil or a faulty compressor.

In many service calls we encounter at Automated Comfort Systems, the large and costly components of the air conditioning system are working fine. The problem is a fault in the temperature control system, which includes:

If the thermostat does not receive accurate information about room temperatures, it cannot set the air conditioner to provide the appropriate amount of cooling. Even if the temperature sensors are accurate, the thermostat might not work normally if your air conditioner has a computer problem or if the thermostat’s connection to the air conditioner is damaged.

Repair Issues With Modern Thermostats in Clemmons, NC

Decades ago, thermostats had one primary responsibility: keeping the temperature in a home or business property at the desired temperature when the user set a dial or pressed a button. Today, thermostats can be more complex. These systems offer homeowners convenience and control over their air conditioning units, but they provide additional trouble spots that air conditioning maintenance technicians have to consider when they perform a thermostat repair.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats, whether keypad-controlled or hooked up to a Wi-Fi network, allow the user to schedule changes in their air conditioning usage — for instance, to turn the air conditioning off when they are away at work. If the thermostat is misconfigured or if the software has a glitch, it could cause the air conditioner to run too long or turn off when it shouldn't. The technicians at Automated Comfort Systems have experience interpreting the diagnostics of programmable thermostats and fixing software issues.

Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats

If your thermostat is hooked up to the internet, disruptions to your Wi-Fi connection could interfere with your ability to control your air conditioning using your phone or computer.

Professional Thermostat Repair in Clemmons, NC

Many contractors and homeowners embarking on DIY projects might not be familiar with the latest issues in thermostat technology and might not realize that a simple thermostat repair could fix stubborn air conditioning problems. If you’ve tried several times to fix your air conditioner’s quirks without success, trust the professionals who specialize in automated HVAC, heating, and air conditioning systems.

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