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Many Clemmons, NC, homeowners want to upgrade their homes with new heating and cooling systems that don’t have as many drawbacks as traditional HVAC units. Heat pumps are one of the best alternatives to conventional heaters and air conditioners and can keep your home pleasant without the disadvantages.

At Automated Comfort Systems, we offer professional heat pump installation in Clemmons, NC, and can equip your home with a first-class heat pump at a price that won’t break the bank.

Automated Comfort Systems is Clemmons, NC’s number one heat pump replacement company. We specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining all the leading heat pump makes and models, making us your one-stop shop for all your heat pump needs. If you need professional heat pump replacement in Clemmons, NC, contact Automated Comfort Systems.

Call 336-248-4316 for professional heat pump installation in Clemmons, NC, by Automated Comfort Systems.

Professional Heat Pump Replacement Near Me

Heat pumps are efficient electronic heating systems that keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They provide everything you know and love about traditional gas furnaces and air conditioning systems but offer even more benefits. However, improper heat pump installation can cause numerous issues and even cause the system to break down prematurely, making it vital to have it installed by an experienced technician.

Our Automated Comfort Systems team has installed countless heat pumps across Clemmons, NC, over the last 40 years, ensuring you receive first-class installation service by experienced technicians. Our team understands the best installation techniques for each heat pump variety and can install one on your home quickly without sacrificing quality.

We can also teach you how to operate your heat pump and proper maintenance techniques to ensure your unit functions optimally year-round.

Types of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps come in three primary varieties:

Our team has extensive experience installing all the leading types of heat pumps and can handle all your installation needs without issue. Our technicians will evaluate your home and consult you to find the perfect heat pump type for your home and budget. We never cut corners with subpar supplies and utilize best-in-class materials to install your heat pump, guaranteeing superior results.

Signs You Need Professional Heat Pump Replacement in Clemmons, NC

Like most residential appliances, heat pumps don’t last forever. They often lose efficiency over time and are more prone to breaking down. However, you can replace your heat pump before it gives out entirely if you understand what to look for.

Below are some common indications of a broken or malfunctioning heat pump.

Your Heat Pump Is 12 Years Old or Older

Most heat pumps break down after ten to 15 years. Although well-maintained heat pumps can last longer, it’s still ideal to start thinking about replacing the unit once it hits the 12-year mark. Replacing your heat pump once it turns 12 can help you avoid uncomfortable temperatures if your system gives out prematurely.

Strange Noises Coming from the Heat Pump

Heat pumps are quiet heating and cooling systems that don’t produce much noise. However, if your outdoor or indoor unit starts making grinding, squealing, or clicking sounds frequently, it often signifies that your heat pump is on its last leg. These issues arise for several reasons and typically fluctuate in severity. Although you can resolve some of these problems with professional repairs, it's best to replace the unit if a severe malfunction occurs. Contact our experts to evaluate your system and determine if repair or replacement works best for your situation.

Drastic Increase in Energy Bills

Malfunctioning heat pumps use more energy to warm and cool your home and can significantly increase your monthly energy payments. You can waste hundreds or more every year if you don’t replace the heat pump quickly. Although replacing the unit with an energy-efficient model might sound expensive initially, it can save you money over time, making it worth the investment.

Insufficient Heating and Cooling

Older and malfunctioning heat pumps can’t produce comfortable air, as well as newer, fully functional systems. They often lose efficiency with age, making it near impossible to maintain a pleasant interior climate. If you notice a dip in efficiency or your heat pump stops producing comfortable air, contact us for efficient heat pump replacement services.

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Contact Automated Comfort Systems for Outstanding Heat Pump Installation and Replacement Services in Clemmons, NC

Instead of Googling “heat pump installers near me,” contact our team at Automated Comfort Systems for high-quality heat pump installation and replacement services in Clemmons, NC. Our team can handle all your heat pump installation needs while providing extraordinary customer service along the way.

Give our Automated Comfort Systems team a call at 336-248-4316 and see what our heating and cooling specialists can do for you today!

Heat Pump Installation in Clemmons, NC