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Do you need top-rated furnace installation or repair services to optimize your home heating systems? Contact expert technicians from Automated Comfort Systems for 5-star service today!

Your home’s heating systems defend against seasonal temperature extremes during the fall and winter. When it falls below freezing outside, you want to guarantee that your indoor air stays warm and comfortable.

Various heating systems can provide adequate temperature control. However, heat pumps and electric and gas furnaces all involve complex mechanisms and electrical needs that can make them prone to issues. 

If your system consistently breaks down or recently stopped working, call for expert furnace installation from Automated Comfort Systems. Our licensed, professional repair technicians offer top-quality services and efficient installation in Clemmons, NC.

High-Quality Electric and Gas Furnace Installation and Related Services

When you need to schedule a gas furnace installation, call professionals who understand how to do the job correctly. Customers who choose Automated Comfort Systems enjoy efficient installation and essential maintenance services.

At Automated Comfort Systems, we offer comprehensive services to keep your furnace in optimal working condition. These services include:

Allow our qualified professionals to inspect your unit and make any necessary adjustments.

Signs You Require Furnace Replacement or Installation

Knowing the signs that you require expert “furnace installation near me” ensures your heating systems remain optimally functional. Read about some common symptoms of disrepair below.

Abnormal Odors or Sounds During Operation

Strange noises or smells while operating your furnace can threaten your family’s health and safety. Since these systems utilize electricity and gas, weird smells might indicate a gas leak or burning electrical wires. Call professionals immediately to avoid these issues in your home.

Lower Efficiency Increased Energy Bills

A damaged or run-down furnace will work much harder to achieve the same results. Not only does this significantly decrease your heating system efficiency, but it also raises your monthly utility expense. Contact Automated Comfort Systems when you notice a sudden spike in your utility bill.

Pilot Light Goes Out Frequently

Your pilot light ignites the gas fuel that creates warm air. Frequent pilot light issues might indicate that you need to replace your ignition system. Call professionals for furnace installation and pilot light repair.

Inconsistent Heat Cycling

Your furnace’s heat cycles should routinely switch on and off based on your preferences. If you notice inconsistent or finicky cycling, it could be time to call professionals for new system installation or repairs.

Limited or Dysfunctional Heating Capabilities

A responsive heater will warm your home when you turn it on via your thermostat. If your furnace never reaches the right temperature or significantly delays when starting, it may be time for a new unit.

Enjoy Quicker Heater Replacement and Installation With Comfort Club

Loyal customers at Automated Comfort Systems receive additional benefits by joining our Comfort Club. Comfort Club membership makes you a priority customer, meaning available technicians will come to you first when you require service.

Additional benefits with Comfort Club include routine maintenance, discounts on select products, and constant monitoring of your HVAC system’s smart technology. Enroll today to receive these lucrative benefits.

FAQs About Furnace and Heater Installation

Below we list some frequently asked questions about heater and furnace installation from customers at Automated Comfort Systems.

Each heater utilizes different fuel sources and mechanisms to provide warm air. Heat pumps merely extract warmth from indoor or outdoor air, recycling it into your home. As such, these installations are fairly simple.

The main difference between electric and gas furnaces stems from the fuel source. While electric furnaces utilize electricity to create heat, gas furnaces burn gas to produce warm air. Thus, their installation differs mainly in the ignition infrastructure necessary.

Most customers want to know the cost of heater installation. This expense depends on numerous factors, including your home’s size, heating needs, and the type of furnace you install. Automated Comfort Systems commits to providing transparent pricing, so you know the up-front costs.

No, electric and gas furnace installation is dangerous and complex. Avoid accidentally damaging your home or injuring yourself by calling qualified professionals for the job.

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Hire Top-Rated Furnace Installation Near Me From Automated Comfort Systems

Automated Comfort Systems offers top-rated “furnace installation near me” to keep your family comfortable and warm during the coldest days of the year. Our professional technicians provide high-quality customer service and expert installation that frequently garner 5-star reviews. Don’t hesitate to call today for a heat pump, electric furnace, or gas furnace installation.

Call 336-248-4316 to schedule a top-rated furnace installation from Automated Comfort Systems today! 

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