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Damaged, outdated, or dirty air ducts can quickly affect your home’s indoor air quality. The proper air duct repair can eliminate problems like air leaks or pollutants traveling throughout your home. 

We spend more of our time indoors today, which is why we need constant clean and fresh air. Unfortunately, improper ductwork and HVAC systems can cause your home’s indoor air to become more polluted than outside air. 

At Automated Comfort Systems, it’s our goal to provide healthy air to Clemmons, NC, homeowners. 

Whether you have a couple of cracks or leaks or need an entire air duct replacement, call us at 336-717-0743 for emergencies! 

The Top Signs You Need an Air Duct Repair or Replacement

If you’re not sure when to search for “air duct repair near me,” look out for these top signs: 

Higher Monthly Energy Bills

It’s normal for your energy bills to spike during seasons like summer or when you have more people in your home. If your energy bills start skyrocketing for no reason, however, your ductwork likely has leaks and cracks, or you need to clean them. 

Lousy Indoor Air Quality

Cracks and leaks in your air duct systems invite contaminants to enter and stay, such as: 

As your HVAC system circulates these pollutants throughout your home, your indoor air quality starts to suffer. Besides making your HVAC systems work harder—thus increasing your energy bills further—these pollutants can also trigger health risks. 

Homeowners can suffer from health problems, including difficulty breathing. These health concerns are especially dangerous if you have family members with asthma or allergies. 

Your Ductwork Is Outdated

Even with the proper maintenance, your ductwork can suffer from gaps or leaks after ten to 15 years. It’s best to have our Automated Comfort Systems crew regularly inspect for gaps or leaks the older your ductwork system gets. 

Our Air Duct Repair Service

Your air ducts help your HVAC system transport cold and hot air throughout your residence. However, damaged or outdated ductwork makes this process more challenging. 

Our air duct repair service starts with an initial inspection. This inspection can pinpoint specific problems your ductwork has, and common issues our technicians deal with include the following: 

We Can Provide an Air Duct Replacement

At Automated Comfort Systems, we do our best to save Clemmons, NC, homeowners money. We prefer repairing your air duct systems versus suggesting a new air duct installation. 

Sometimes, however, replacing your air ducts makes more sense than repairing them. For example, we often recommend replacing old or outdated air duct systems. We also recommend replacements if your air ducts suffer from massive damage. 

The Value of Regular Air Duct Maintenance

Instead of waiting to call us when you need a specific air duct repair or replacement, you can call us for regular maintenance. Many costly repairs begin as dirty or clogged air ducts. 

Our crew uses equipment like heavy-duty vacuums to thoroughly clean out your air ducts. This process lengthens your air ducts’ lifespan while providing cleaner and fresher air. Homeowners can also see a dramatic reduction in their energy bills. 

The Top Reasons to Trust Our Expert Crew

Whether you need an air duct repair or a new installation, you can trust our technicians for the following reasons: 

We Provide Emergency Services

Ideally, we come to your home during normal business hours. However, our crew understands that sometimes emergency situations happen, and we can take your call outside of regular business hours.

We Provide Many Other HVAC Services

Besides cleaning your air ducts, we can also help maintain your air conditioner or heat pump. We work with all major brands and different sorts of equipment.

Our Technicians Are Honest and Friendly

Unlike other companies, our technicians aren't salespeople, and they don't receive commission-based pay. Instead, it's their goal to provide customized solutions for your needs. We recommend replacements when necessary but prioritize repairs to save you money.

Transparent Pricing and Communication

Every service starts with a free estimate with no hidden fees or obligations. We're also available to take your call and answer any questions or concerns you have.

Our Services include:

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Our Automated Comfort Systems team proudly serves Clemmons, NC, residents, providing top-notch services and products. We can inspect your air ducts and recommend the right repairs. 

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