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The Best AC Compressor Replacements and Repairs Available

There’s nothing worse than an AC compressor not turning on during the middle of summer. While there can be many reasons why your AC unit is acting up, one is that you may need an AC compressor replacement. 

At Automated Comfort Systems, it’s our mission to provide Clemmons, NC, residents with optimal comfort. We can quickly inspect your AC unit and determine if you have any signs of a bad AC compressor. 

Clemmons, NC, homeowners can call our expert team at 336-746-4319 or for emergency services at 336-248-4316

What Is Your AC Compressor?

Before exploring questions like “what is an AC compressor replacement cost?” let’s first explain what an AC compressor is. Many experts agree that your AC compressor is the most important part of your HVAC system. 

This part contains refrigerant, and this refrigerant compresses and transforms into liquid whenever it gets hot. This heat then moves through your AC unit’s outdoor coil in exchange for cold air blowing throughout your home. 

Inside, this cold air further expands, cooling down your AC unit’s indoor coil. Your AC compressor plays an integral role in cooling your home, and when it starts malfunctioning, you will need an AC compressor replacement or repair. 

Signs of a Bad AC Compressor

Some signs you need to call our team to inspect your AC compressor include the following: 

These signals indicate your AC compressor is not working or facing maintenance issues. It’s vital to call our Automated Comfort Systems crew the moment you spot one or more of these issues. A malfunctioning compressor can begin destroying other essential AC components. 

Should I Replace or Repair My AC Compressor?

Many homeowners wonder if they need to repair or replace their AC compressors. In most cases, repairing your AC compressor either isn’t an option or isn’t cost-effective compared to replacing your compressor. 

AC Compressor Replacement Cost

Instead of asking, “Can I repair my AC compressor?” the question often becomes, “Is it better to replace my compressor or my AC unit as a whole?” 

The cost to replace AC compressors can vary, but it’s one of the most expensive AC parts to replace. Often, it can be more cost-effective to replace your entire air conditioner under the following circumstances: 

How Can a Homeowner Prevent AC Compressor Issues?

While no solution can permanently prevent natural wear and tear, proper maintenance can extend your HVAC system’s lifespan and prevent common issues from occurring. 

You can start by regularly replacing their AC unit’s filters. You can also invest in a programmable thermostat, allowing you to control your AC unit remotely. 

For some, a problem presents a chance for them to test out their DIY skills. However, for replacing your AC compressor, you should let a licensed and insured technician handle the job. 

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For the Best AC Unit Maintenance, Call Our Team Today

An AC compressor replacement can be expensive, but regular maintenance can reduce the chances of this part or other parts malfunctioning. 

Clemmons, NC, residents can call our Automated Comfort Systems team today at 336-746-4319 or for our emergency services at 336-248-4316

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