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Residents of Clemmons, NC, know that a functioning air conditioner is an essential part of survival during the summer. The heat and humidity make air conditioning a necessity, so if your air conditioner isn’t performing reliably and efficiently, it affects the comfort of your residential or commercial space.

At Automated Comfort Systems, we’ve spent 40 years serving the AC maintenance needs of Clemmons and the surrounding areas. We take pride in our reputation as your top choice for air conditioning maintenance, and our dedication to quality customer service ensures that we’ll keep your air conditioner running at its best all summer long.   

Reasons Regular AC Maintenance Benefits Your System

You may think that paying for air conditioning preventative maintenance costs more than you want to spend. However, take a look at some of the ways AC maintenance service may actually save you money in the long run —  and provide other benefits. 

Lower Utility Bills

Over time, regular wear and tear contribute to the decline in your air conditioner’s energy efficiency. However, routine AC maintenance helps to keep your system running at optimal levels. Keeping the air filter and coils clean, as well as checking and tightening all components as necessary, helps prevent excess energy from being expended where it shouldn’t be.

Extend the Lifespan of Your AC System

While most residential and commercial air conditioning units last at least ten years, you want to be sure you get your money’s worth from your air conditioner. Commercial units generally last up to 15 years, and residential systems may function for as long as 20 years. However, without regular cleaning and maintenance, you may find yourself facing the expense of costly repairs or installation of a new system earlier than you should. A yearly investment in maintenance will potentially save you the money and hassle of serious repairs or an entirely new AC unit.

Require Fewer Repairs

When you’re in the middle of a hot and sticky Clemmons, NC, summer, the last thing you need is an air conditioning malfunction. Not only do air conditioner breakdowns cause stress and hassle, but they also may end up costing you a bundle to fix. Regular AC tune-ups help ensure that everything works as it should, with any cleaning or minor repairs addressed at the time of maintenance. These seemingly small tasks may make all the difference between a cool summer free of AC issues, and an emergency call when the temperatures rise but your air conditioner won’t cool you down.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Many people don’t know that air conditioners not only cool you down, but also help keep your indoor air clean and healthy. Dirt, allergens, and molds circulating through the duct system won’t get past a clean air conditioner filter, so your family or commercial spaces stay fresher. Routine air conditioner maintenance includes air filter changes and cleaning of dirty AC parts, keeping air quality at its best and helping ensure that potential health hazards stay out of your air.

Services Included in an AC Tune-up

Below is a general AC maintenance checklist of tasks we perform during maintenance visits:

AC System Inspection

Our technicians will inspect the AC equipment, checking the refrigerant levels, drain pan, and filters. We’ll also look for signs of wear and tear on other components, including your blower motor, fans, compressor, and belts.

AC Cleaning

Next, our technicians will clean the entire system to remove dirt, dust, and other buildup of contaminants that may affect the performance of the system.

AC Service

If we detect any issues during the inspection and cleaning of your AC system, our technician will correct them on the spot. We'll perform minor repairs and replace any necessary parts that may cause damage if left unaddressed. If we find more serious issues, we'll let you know and discuss possible solutions.

Choose Automated Comfort Systems for "AC Maintenance Near Me" in Clemmons, NC

Automated Comfort Systems is your choice for air conditioning maintenance services in Clemmons, NC. For nearly 40 years, we’ve worked to ensure that our residential and commercial clients stay comfortable in every season.

Our experienced technicians service all types of air conditioners, and we provide a wide range of heating and AC repairs and installations. Additionally, if you need a residential home energy audit or commercial refrigeration repair and service, Automated Comfort Systems has you covered. Our goal is to provide every customer with top-quality customer service, which is why we offer competitive, up-front pricing and professional, experienced technicians. 

If you want to get the most out of your air conditioning system, call the experts at Automated Comfort Systems today at 336-248-4316. We’ll send out one of our highly trained technicians to survey your AC system and perform necessary maintenance. Keep your AC running smoothly when you need it – contact Automated Comfort Systems and let us take care of your air conditioning maintenance needs. 

FAQs About AC Maintenance

Residential air conditioners typically last between 15 to 20 years, while commercial air conditioners last between 10 to15 years. However, regular maintenance of your air conditioning system often helps extend the lifespan of your air conditioner, so you get as many years as possible from your unit. 

Yes. Every air conditioning system needs routine maintenance to keep all of the complex moving parts and pieces in good working condition. Just like any other mechanical system, keeping your air conditioner clean and properly maintained goes a long way toward ensuring that it performs to your expectations when you need it. 

Some aspects of air conditioning maintenance can be performed by the homeowner. Making sure you change the air filter at least every three months helps keep the unit from overworking itself to push cold air past a dirty filter. You may also keep the outside part of your AC unit running efficiently by ensuring that the area around the unit is free of debris and grass or other obstructions. However, any other maintenance tasks should always be left to the professionals. 

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