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Does your home require a high-quality air conditioning installation service? Contact us to schedule top-rated air conditioning installation service professionals from Automated Comfort Systems.

Maintaining a healthy HVAC system ensures your family remains comfortable throughout seasonal temperature extremes. While it’s fun to enjoy the summer sun and heat, it helps to receive a blast of cool, refreshing air when you come inside. 

Old or degraded air conditioners won’t provide essential temperature control or will operate with limited efficiency, increasing your monthly utility expenses. Hiring top-rated professionals for AC replacement and installation keeps your home cool and comfortable all year. Technicians from Automated Comfort Systems consistently receive top ratings from home and business owners in Clemmons, NC.

Top-Rated AC Installation and Related Services

Air conditioning installation requires understanding the intricate mechanisms that power these systems. Without expert installation, your HVAC unit likely won’t properly connect with ductwork and air distribution, inhibiting climate control within your home.

Professionals from Automated Comfort Systems provide professional AC installation to ensure your home receives optimized temperature control. Additionally, our experts offer related services to keep your system functional year-round.

Our related services include:

Types of Air Conditioning Systems We Install

HVAC systems are not one size fits all. Identifying the best air conditioner for your home involves several considerations, including home size, age, roof space, and electrical framework. Finding an air conditioning installation company that can install various system types allows you to integrate the optimal climate control system into your home.

Automated Comfort Systems provides installation services for every air conditioner type. Different types of AC systems include:

Call today for expert help selecting your new system.

Signs You Require Air Conditioning Replacement in Clemmons, NC

Knowing when to look up “air conditioning installation near me” ensures you receive a functioning unit without a long delay. Read below about the top signs that you need air conditioning replacement or installation services.

Decreased HVAC Efficiency

Have you noticed that your air conditioner takes longer than usual to cool your home? Decreased HVAC efficiency offers an early sign that your air conditioner requires maintenance or replacement. Since decreased efficiency can indicate many different problems, HVAC professionals should check your unit to determine the root cause.

Increased Utility Bills

Besides taking longer to cool your home, an old or damaged unit also takes a toll on your expenses. Decreased efficiency can increase your utility expenses significantly. Your air conditioner tracks your indoor temperatures to know when to stop providing cool air. However, obstructions to the cooling process inhibit functionality and require more power to compensate for lower efficiency. In turn, your energy costs increase.

Strange Noises or Odors During Operation

Healthy air conditioners should operate without too much noise or difficulty. Sounds like clanking, hissing, or whirring can indicate you need to call professionals for an inspection of your unit. Strange odors like gas, oil, or burning smells also offer symptoms of a declining AC unit. Don’t hesitate to call professionals if any of these odors occur when your HVAC system runs.

Obstructed Airflow or Inconsistent Cycling

When you turn on your AC unit, you should feel a constant stream of clean air coming from your vents. Slowed or obstructed airflow could indicate various issues. Unblock your vents and outdoor unit to ensure air cycles through cleanly. HVAC units function in cycles. It’s abnormal for a unit to power up suddenly and unprompted. Call professionals if your AC cycles inconsistently.

Low Air Quality

Indoor air quality plays a crucial role in ensuring the continued health of your family and pets. Without routine preventative maintenance, air quality from your unit can significantly decrease and aggravate respiratory issues like asthma. Call today if you notice you or your family getting sick more often or struggling with irritated respiratory problems.

Warm Air and Increasing Humidity

Your air conditioner should not blow warm air during a cooling cycle. Additionally, air flow should be crisp and clean, removing the humidity from your home. Units that make your home warm or humid during a cooling cycle require immediate service or replacement.

Frequent Breakdowns and Repairs

It’s not uncommon for the complex mechanisms involved in HVAC systems to experience occasional breakdowns and maintenance needs. However, if the frequency of repairs suddenly increases, it can indicate a more significant problem. Getting repairs for your unit every few months usually means you need to look into an air conditioning replacement.

Old System 15 Years Old

Most HVAC systems should last in your home for 15 to 20 years. Depending on the climate of your area, premature breakdowns are possible or even expected. If your unit experiences other signs on this list and is older than 15 years, it likely needs replacing. Homeowners hesitating to replace their AC unit should consider the costs of frequent repairs against the benefits of a new, efficient model.

Join the Comfort Club for Additional Benefits

Loyal customers at Automated Comfort Systems can enjoy greater benefits by joining our Comfort Club. Read below about the advantages of being one of our Comfort Club customers.

Priority Customer

Seasonal temperature extremes cause fluctuations in the demand for HVAC services. Avoid long waits or too much system downtime by joining Comfort Club and becoming a Priority Customer. When you call for service, we’ll come to your home or business first.

Routine Maintenance and Product Discounts

Comfort Club membership automatically enrolls you in routine maintenance services like filter changes, refrigerant refills, tune-ups, and thermostat calibration. We’ll also give you discounts on select products for your unit.

Smart Technology Monitoring

Comfort Club customers who choose to install smart technology for their HVAC system receive around-the-clock monitoring. That way, our technicians know when your system nears a breakdown and can provide timely service.

FAQs Regarding AC Installation

Below we provide some frequently asked questions from customers at Automated Comfort Systems.

Most customers immediately ask us about air conditioning installation costs at Automated Comfort Systems. While there is no standard answer for installation costs, several factors impact this expense. 

Factors including your home’s size, attic structure, ductwork status, power needed, workers required, and type of system all impact costs. Call today to receive a free quote from our qualified professionals.

Most Clemmons, NC, homeowners don’t want their AC unit to stop functioning for more than a few hours. However, service speed depends on available workers and the level of demand when you request installation or repairs. You can expedite your wait time by joining our Comfort Club and becoming a Priority Customer that receives the first service available.

While some people attempt their own air conditioning installation, we don’t recommend it. Without an understanding of the complex mechanisms involved in HVAC units, you could damage your home or injure yourself. Call professionals who can get the job done correctly.

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