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Your air conditioner just stopped working, and you aren’t getting a response when you try to turn it on, so what do you do? Contact our experts at Automated Comfort Systems for professional and affordable AC repair in Clemmons, NC; we are available 24/7 for assistance. You shouldn’t have to wait several days with a broken air conditioning system, especially when rising temperatures break records, so contact our team for an immediate appointment.

Before needing repairs, you’ll need a top-notch air conditioner. Fortunately, we also offer Clemmons’ professional AC installation and can help you find the right appliance for your property size, family needs, and budget.

If you need an AC repair appointment, you can prepare by doing the following:

  • Turn off your air conditioner so your technician can quickly get to work as soon as they arrive.
  • Remove any obstacles around your air conditioner to avoid a tripping hazard and to give adequate space.
  • Record your air conditioner’s make, model, and year to help your technician understand your system more.

These are some simple steps that can make a big difference and get your air conditioning system back to working order faster.

Receive Air Conditioner Repair from Automated Comfort Systems in Clemmons, North Carolina

Clemmons residents know that having a working air conditioning system is essential during the summer. Coming back to your home only to find a faulty or unresponsive system is not what anyone wants, but it’s no problem with the help of our Automated Comfort Systems team in Clemmons, NC. We have a passion for helping property owners and businesses experience healthier and most comfortable indoor air conditions. 

With regular maintenance and routine filter changes, you can avoid a sudden problem with your AC unit. Air conditioners that receive proper upkeep with a few simple tasks tend to run better and with fewer problems. However, you could need air conditioner repair for several reasons, including:

  • Degraded or melted wiring
  • Leaking refrigerant or low levels
  • Worn or broken internal parts
  • Object surrounding the outdoor unit
  • Cracked or frozen evaporator coil
  • Blocked drain lines

Whether you have a refrigerant leak or a system that’s operating loudly, it’s no sweat for our service technicians. Over the years we’ve been providing AC repair in Clemmons, NC, we have come across every possible air conditioning problem. We also have the tools, determination, and training to fix your air conditioner, no matter what kind of system you have.

We work on central air conditioning, window units, wall units, ductless mini-splits, and more. If we cannot repair your air conditioner, we’ll make an appropriate recommendation for AC replacement options.

About Clemmons, NC

The village of Clemmons, NC, has a growing population of over 21,000 and is a wonderful place to live or visit. You can check out the Clemmons Farmer’s Market at the YMCA in the summer to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also exciting sports opportunities, like biking, indoor athletics, baseball, and football, and many golf courses.

Clemmons, North Carolina, also has many museums, gardens, stores, and shops to visit. No matter what your interests are, there’s something for everyone in this stunning village. If you enjoy wine, you can also visit any of Clemmons’ great wineries, take a tour, or taste a new type.

If you love the arts, you’ll be happy to know Clemmons has multiple places to enjoy them, including Stevens Center, Aperture Cinema, Winston-Salem Symphony, and Willingham Theater. These encompass movie theaters, live song and dance performances, and cultural shows.

Call Automated Comfort Systems for Reliable AC Repair in Clemmons, NC

Keeping an air conditioner working in top shape is a multi-person effort. You can follow through with AC maintenance and call for repairs as soon as you feel something is off with your appliance. Additionally, our HVAC business will do everything we can to improve your air conditioning system.

Here’s how our AC repair service appointments work:

  • We start with an inspection of your air conditioner and note any issues.
  • Our technicians replace any worn parts or resolve the major concern.
  • We verify and test your air conditioner’s energy efficiency and performance.

At Automated Comfort Systems, we love serving the Clemmons, NC, community and will continue to improve upon our services for residents. You can call us at 336-717-0743 for AC repair in Clemmons, NC, and receive a service quote. Don’t hesitate to discuss your needs with our friendly technician team; we’re ready to make sure you get the help you need.

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