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Top-Rated Heat Pump Repair

Clemmons, NC’s chilly winters can leave your home’s interior cold and unpleasant. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your heat pump in top-notch shape to ensure it operates optimally throughout the seasons. However, sometimes heat pumps break down and require professional repairs.

At Automated Comfort Systems, we offer first-class heat pump repair in Clemmons, NC, that will have your heat pump up and running again in a flash.

Automated Comfort Systems is one of Clemmons, NC’s most trusted heat pump repair companies. Our team has been repairing, maintaining, and installing heat pumps across the greater Clemmons area for over 40 years, giving us the experience to handle even the most strenuous repair projects. If you need professional heat pump repair services in Clemmons, NC, contact Automated Comfort Systems.

For exceptional heat pump repair in Clemmons, NC, call Automated Comfort Systems at 336-248-4316 today!

Heat Pump Repair Near Me

Heat pumps are compact heating and cooling devices that keep your home warm during the winter and chilled during the summer. They are one of the leading HVAC alternatives available and provide nearly all the benefits of a traditional AC unit and heater with fewer drawbacks. However, they aren’t immune to malfunctions and sometimes need professional repairs to restore their efficiency and overall quality.

Our home heat pump repair service can resolve any issue plaguing your system at a price that won’t burden your budget. We utilize industry-leading repair methods and first-rate materials to breathe new life into your heat pump, taking your home’s interior comfort to new heights. Our team can have your heat pump operating better than ever, allowing your home to stay comfortable regardless of the outside climate.

Our Heat Pump Repair Process

The Automated Comfort Systems team uses a first-class heat pump repair process that ensures superior results.

Upon appointment, our team will assess your heat pump and run numerous tests to find the source of the malfunction. We then use high-quality techniques and tools to repair your heat pump while making preventative adjustments to prevent future issues. After that, we test the system again to ensure it operates up to our high standards.

If your heat pump meets our expectations, we pack up our things and clean the area before leaving your home. 

Our technicians will keep you informed throughout the repair process and provide impeccable customer service to you and your family. We make you and your heat pump our top priorities and strive to surpass your expectations every time you contact our team.

Signs You Need Professional Heat Pump Repair

Understanding common signs of a failing or faulty heat pump can help you resolve problems before they take hold of your unit. Below are some prevalent indications you need professional heat pump repair in Clemmons, NC.

Decreased Efficiency

Heat pumps usually lose efficiency before breaking down entirely, significantly reducing your home’s interior comfort. Although the heat pump might look like it’s working correctly, it can’t adequately heat or cool your home.

Decreased efficiency stems from numerous issues, including, but not limited to:

If your heat pump stops producing comfortable air for your Clemmons, NC, home, contact us at Automated Comfort Systems. We can restore its functionality and your home’s internal comfort.

Strange Noises

Heat pumps are relatively quiet systems that make minimal noise while operating. However, loud squealing or grinding sounds typically indicate an internal problem. For example, grinding noises often point to a broken blower motor, while squealing signifies a damaged fan belt.

Frequent clicking can also suggest a broken control panel or circuit board. It’s best to fix these problems as soon as possible to prevent them from worsening and causing other, more significant issues.

Increased Energy Payments

Heat pumps are energy-efficient systems that can reduce your monthly energy payments. However, malfunctioning heat pumps typically use more energy and can drastically increase your energy bills. If you notice a dramatic spike in your energy payments, contact our experts at Automated Comfort Systems for professional heat pump system repair in Clemmons, NC.


Yes, heat pumps are year-round systems that produce warmth in the winter and chilled air in the summer. They are a viable alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems and can keep your home pleasant throughout the year.

Like every HVAC system, heat pumps are prone to numerous issues that prevent them from operating at their highest efficiency level. The most common heat pump issues include:

  • Blower motor issues
  • Poor airflow
  • Improper sizing
  • Thermostat problems
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Short cycling

The Automated Comfort Systems team has vast experience with all the leading heat pump issues and can fix your heat pump swiftly and effectively.

Most residential heat pumps last ten to 15 years. However, routine maintenance can improve your heat pump’s longevity by several years or more.

Keeping your heat pump clean is a fantastic way to preserve its efficiency, longevity, and integrity. Cleaning its interior and exterior a few times a month ensures it stays pristine for years to come.

Additionally, changing the air filter every month helps preserve your system and improve its overall efficiency.

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Contact Automated Comfort Systems for Professional Heat Pump Repair in Clemmons, NC

Automated Comfort Systems is Clemmons, NC’s go-to choice for professional heat pump repair and associated services. Our team can have your heat pump working better than ever at a price you can afford. We’ve helped countless Clemmons, NC, homeowners repair and maintain their heat pumps, and we can do the same for you.

Whether you need heat pump repair or professional installation services, our experts at Automated Comfort Systems are always here for you.

Give our Automated Comfort Systems team a call at 336-248-4316 and receive high-quality heat pump repair in Clemmons, NC, today!

Heat Pump Repair in Clemmons, NC