Annual Heating and Air System Tuneup

Increase the life efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system.

Consider scheduling a regular heating and air system tuneup if you would like to reduce energy costs and keep your air conditioner, furnace, and heat pump operating efficiently and for as long as possible. A regular tune up can also reduce AC and furnace break downs and the need for emergency repair.

Did you know…
that an annual heating and air tune up can increase the life of your air conditioning system and reduce energy costs?

The life of a properly maintained HVAC system can be extended for up to 3-5 years over a poorly maintained unit. Proper maintenance can also save you up to 20% on energy costs. Add up your energy costs over the previous 12 months and put 20% of it back into your pocket. An annual HVAC tune up can pay for itself several times over. Add to those savings by implementing other energy saving measures, such as a programmable thermostat and other common-sense energy reduction tips.

What’s Included in a HVAC Tune-Up?

A standard heating and air system tune-up will include three basic services:

HVAC System Inspection

Our HVAC technician will inspect your equipment. The tech will look for signs of wear and tear. In the case of an air conditioner, he will check the drain pan, refrigerant levels, and examine the condition other components, such as the blower motor, compressor, burners, belts, filters, fans, etc

HVAC Cleaning

Your entire system will be cleaned to remove dust and other contaminants that may cause your system to run poorly.

HVAC Service

If issues are detected during inspection and cleaning of your air conditioning and heating system, the technician will correct them on the spot. This may involve replacing damaged or worn parts such as worn belts, faulty capacitors, damaged blades, etc. that may cause major damage if left unattended. If refrigerant levels are low, the tech will inspect for leaks and recharge your system. In the event that a technician discovers major issues during the tune up, this will be brought to your attention to discuss further action. 

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